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East meets West at Great Jones Spa. We believe that a free flow of energy is the key to whole-body health. The vital life force is known as Qi (pronounced “Chee”) in China, prana (another word for breath) in India, and ki in Japan. Our understanding of the human body posits that any blockage to the flow of this fundamental force causes an imbalance and thus, poor health and dis-ease. In order to maintain a state of flow and balance, our practitioners use various healing modalities.
Energy therapy has seen a resurgence in the West in the last few years, due in part to the popularity and success of acupuncture. Energy therapy is safe and simple; your highly trained therapist will gently manipulate your energy centers, identifying blockages and releasing your body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Reiki is an ancient technique for stress reduction, healing, and energetic rebalancing. It employs a gentle laying-on-of-hands, releasing life force and restoring energy flow. Self-healing begins during a Reiki session, and stays with the recipient for a long time after treatment. It can be used for physical and emotional difficulties, and is safe for everyone. Feelings of peace, serenity, security and well-being are often reported during and after Reiki sessions.  

60 minutes, $135


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