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about_1At Great Jones Spa, we strongly encourage our clients to indulge in our spectacular Water Lounge. This 15,000 square foot, 3½ story facility is the only one-of-its-kind in New York City. Escaping here is truly like taking a vacation from your busy life; you’ll reactivate your body’s natural ability to heal itself and feel completely renewed and restored. If you book a treatment, do plan to spend some time in this unique environment. We built our Water Lounge in order to help our clients regain control of their own health and balance: this is where you can create a self-directed detoxification program.

Water is life; the ancients knew this well, and lived by it every day.
The Great Jones Cure is inspired by the Roman Caracalla baths, where water was at the center of everything. Take the journey for yourself and have an out-of-body experience in our spa.

Give yourself enough time to come in, get centered, and sample all our water amenities: the River Rock Sauna, Chakra Light Steam Room, Thermal Hot Tub, and Cold Plunge. Plan enough time to cycle through your program approximately three times. (Please remember to shower before and after you use the water facilities, for the benefit of your esthetician and other spa-goers. A convenient shower is right next to the sauna.) Start with wet heat in the Chakra Steam Room or dry heat in the River Rock Sauna, where your detoxification process will begin. Please do not exceed ten minutes in these areas. Then take a cold plunge, invigorating your body and stimulating blood flow. Next, take a relaxing dip in the Thermal Hot Tub. Don’t forget to sample some gratis tea, fruit, and ever-flowing, citrus-infused water. Sit on the lounge chairs under the dappled sunlight from our skylights, and forget that you’re in Manhattan.

We aim not simply to make you beautiful, but to help you achieve pure balance and ultimate health from the inside-out. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and water is the elixir of life. Treat your body as a temple and indulge in our modern version of the Thermae, where you’ll surely return again and again and again.

Note: the health department requires that you shower before and after using the facilities. We thank you for your compliance in advance.

 Bathing suit required 

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