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about_1At Great Jones Spa, we believe in the power of intention. Every inch of our sanctuary is a reflection of our mission statement: our passion is to inspire health and happiness through wholeness and balance. We have painstakingly and lovingly created a haven for your comfort, to inspire optimal wellness from the inside-out. Everyone that steps inside our doors quickly learns that health and beauty are inextricably linked. You may simply come in searching for a youthful elixir — but you’ll go home with far more than you expected.
Great Jones Spa philosophy is based on eastern concepts of spiritual harmony and balance. After extensive research of cutting edge and ancient natural therapies across the globe, we’ve designed our menu of treatments to create a distinctive experience for our clients. The body is meant to self-correct, but our harsh environment often blocks our innate ability to heal ourselves. From stress, to chemical toxins, to lack of sleep; recalibration is a necessary fact of life. At Great Jones Spa, we teach our clients to regain their natural balance through our water cure and a multitude of luxurious, relaxing treatments. It goes without saying that all of our products are pure, natural, environmentally-friendly, and sourced with your good health in mind.
Everyone that you’ll meet at Great Jones Spa is trained to promote your wellbeing, from the front desk staff to your skilled esthetician. Inner balance promotes true beauty, and we all strive to make sure your experience is ideal, stress-free, and perfectly relaxing. Our regular clients often tell us that a few hours at Great Jones Spa is the equivalent to a weeklong vacation. Our stunning spa facilities, including the breathtaking 15,000 square foot, 3 ½ story waterfall, are a wonder to behold. Once you enter our doors, all you encounter is pure beauty and serenity.
Our spa is a refuge from the world outside. Come in, get centered, and reset your mind and body to a perfectly harmonized pitch. 
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