spa etiquette
Spa Etiquette
We ask guests to join us in creating an atmosphere of tranquility and consideration. To this end, please familiarize yourself with the rules observed at Great Jones Spa:

Make time for indulgence. As treatments begin precisely at the appointed time, you’re encouraged to arrive from 30 minutes to 2 hours in advance. Doing so will allow for leisurely check-in, shower, and luxurious decompression through the use of our unique chakra-balancing steam room, river rock sauna, cold plunge pools, thermal hot tubs, and showers located in our Water Lounge area. Late arrival will only have the effect of shortening your treatment and not allow you to benefit from the full   Great Jones experience.
Ring not. Constant communication and true relaxation are thoroughly incompatible. Mobile phones and pagers are therefore not permitted and we ask that you power off throughout each visit. Should you feel the need to stay connected, visit our Organic Café where cell phones are permitted.
Advise us of your medical status. It’s essential that you inform our reservation consultant in advance of any conditions that may limit the ability to receive a specific treatment. These include high blood pressure, injuries, pregnancy, allergies (particularly seafood), past surgeries, and recently taken medications, especially photosensitizing ones like Retin-A and Accutane.  
Open Dialogue with your Therapist: As intuitive and talented as our therapists may be, they’re at their best when guests express themselves. What feels right to some may not to others, so make your preferences known. If you experience discomfort, want to focus on a different area, or are simply curious about something, speak up.
Gratuities: Not included in the treatment fee, the suggested standard gratuity is 15%-20% of the fee for each spa service received. Exceptional service can be recognized with more generous amounts. Gratuities are payable in cash or by credit card, though cash is preferred. Small envelopes are available at the reception desk.
Spa Dress: Many services are performed ideally with the guest in a state of undress, however, if you’re more comfortable in clothing we suggest shorts for men and bikini bathing suits for women. Robes, towels, and slippers are provided and should be worn in all common areas while bathing suits or robes are required in the water lounge.
Beverages and snacks are available for enjoyment in the water lounge. Should you wish to have a delicious juice, smoothie, salad or sandwich please visit our Organic Cafe. Please ask your spa host for a suggestion from our extensive selection.
Enjoy. The Great Jones staff aim to serve you and make your experience as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. If you need anything from us, please do not hesitate to ask. Most important, we hope that you enjoy your time in our spa.
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