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With the power to purify, balance, and transcend, water therapies have found expression in nearly every culture throughout history. At Great Jones Spa, we believe that the restorative power of water can change your life. This is why we built our one of a kind, world-renowned wet lounge facility. There is nothing like it anywhere in New York City – we strongly encourage our clients to use the facilities when they come in for any kind of treatment. If you can’t get out of town, a simple afternoon in our wet lounge can dissolve your stress far faster than a weeklong vacation.
The stunningly beautiful wet lounge is centered around a 3-story indoor waterfall, overlooking our thermal hot tub and cold plunge pool. Inspiring architecture, hushed acoustics and calming energy pervade the entire space. Just steps away, you’ll find our River Rock Sauna, Chakra Steam Room, and a lounge area for clients to lie back and relax as dappled sunlight streams in from the skylights above.
River Rock Sauna
Practiced throughout the world and elevated to the point of near-religion in Finland, the sauna has an almost magical ability to heal and purify. The mind slows, tension evaporates, and the body starts to detoxify as circulation increases and the immune system is stimulated. These are only some of the benefits. Our River Rock Sauna is also infinitely enjoyed for the pleasure of heat in its own right. Formed of over 4-5 tons of river rock that’s as beautiful as it is insulating, the sauna holds at a remarkably even temperature of between 150 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit.
The amount of time spent in the sauna depends upon your goal. Enhanced circulation and cleansing effect are maximized by spending fewer than ten minutes, whereas longer periods release endorphins and relax the body for a tranquilizing effect.
Chakra-Light Steam
Redefining the notion of what a steam room should be, Chakra-light brings wet-heat therapy to an entirely new level. Enveloped in dense, penetrating steam, a series of embedded lights suffuse the space with gently-shifting hues. It’s nothing less than a cloud of warm, wet color.
Well-known for its ability to melt muscle tension and improve respiratory function, the steam bath’s moist heat heightens immunity, improves circulation, and triggers lymphatic drainage. Our unique use of color harmonics magnifies these benefits. Phasing through seven spectral colors, one for each chakra, color harmonics is known to stabilize and strengthen, as well as regulate hormonal metabolic processes. No less important is its decidedly pleasurable impact on mood.
As with dry heat therapy, duration influences therapeutic effect. The same detoxification and relaxation guidelines for the sauna apply to the steam room. Both should be followed by 15-minute rest periods in order to let your core temperature stabilize.
Both the river rock sauna and chakra-light steam bath should be followed by a 15-minute rest period to allow the body to normalize.
Thermal Hot Tub
Perhaps nothing else has the power to dissolve tension like the rolling, swaying waters of our expansive hot tub. Revered by the Romans and Ottomans for its ability to heal and pleasure, the thermal bath’s many appeals include muscle relaxation, enhanced circulation and digestion, improved skin tone, and restoration of sleep rhythm.
Lost in a steady stream of bubbles, it’s impossible to leave the bath feeling anything but entirely relaxed.

Cold Plunge
The always-present contrast to the heated elements, no Roman bath was complete without a cold plunge. While momentarily startling, rapid movement from hot to cold delivers an invigorating and uplifting rush. The therapeutic effect is constriction of the blood vessels, which, when alternated with heat-caused dilation, promotes circulation and strengthens the vascular system. Alternation also accelerates the body’s natural cleansing processes and amplifies the detoxifying properties of the sauna and steam bath.
It’s important to stay hydrated before, during and after our water cures. Please avail yourself of the many juices, elixirs, and waters available for your drinking pleasure.

*Guests may use the water lounge free of charge when receiving spa treatments totaling over $100. A $55 service fee is charged for wet lounge use when receiving spa treatments totaling less than $100. Please remember the towel usage limited two per person.
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